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Serenity is a highly customizable Fresh Store Builder template for your next Amazon store. Packed with features and options, it is suitable for a variety of niches.

Along with standard options like showing or hiding the product category counts, choosing Top and Bottom Navigation links, etc. - Serenity comes with these additional features:

Homepage Banner Area:
Choose from a Static Image, a Product Slider or an Image Slider (shown with static image in this demo).  The image slider will allow you to upload up to (6) images, and link them to pages, categories or individual products. You can also upload a static image through the admin, and the text will automatically be overlaid.

Category Images:
Serenity is built to highlight images for all categories and subcategories. You can upload a general category image to be used for all categories through the template options. Want a different image on each category? Just upload an image for the category and it will be displayed, with the category name automatically overlaid. Mix and Match - upload a general image and then upload category images for just certain categories - the choice is yours.  

Homepage Tabs:
Don't want to call them "Special Offers" and "Best Sellers"?  You can rename these in the template options to anything you want, e.g. "On Sale Now", "Customer Favorites", etc.

Homepage Manufacturers Carousel:
Highlight as many manufacturers as you want in the homepage carousel.

Product Listings:
Along with the option to show a View Button or Buy at Amazon button, you can also choose to hide the buttons altogether on the product listing pages for a more streamlined look that encourages visitors to click deeper into your product detail pages.

Sidebar Filter:
Choose to display this above your categories or below them (shown below in demo).

Product & Bundle Detail Tabs:
All the tabs on the detail pages have options to rename them in your admin. Tabs will show only if there is information in those particular fields. Want to use your Secondary Description tab to show custom information like a products ingredients?  Just rename the tab to "Ingredients" and add your information.

Tabs are setup for Main Description, Secondary Description, Key Features, Amazon Description, Product Attributes and User Reviews. Simply leave a field blank and it is hidden for that product.

Related Products:
You can easily change the text for the related products in the template options to whatever you'd like, e.g. "You Might Also Like", etc.

Links to Social Pages in Footer:
We've provided options to setup links to your Social pages. These only display if you've added your url's in the template options for each options:
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google +, RSS feed

Need a different Social button?  Maybe instead of YouTube you want to highlight your LinkedIn profile?  You can enter in your LinkedIn url instead, and upload a custom icon.

Want to use different social buttons, or maybe change them for the holidays? Simple go to the images options and upload your own! 

Read more about image customizations on the Custom Images page.

Be sure to checkout the More Info page for additional information about Serenity...

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