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Serenity Graphite Skin included Free!
We wanted to give you an idea of how a new background and coordinated images can change the look of your site, so we included the Serenity Graphic Skin for free. Use it as it, or let it spark your imagination for your own unique look.

More Customization with CSS Options
We've included CSS options to style your links, buttons, tabs and forms. We even let you style your success and error messages!

Coordinated from Top to Bottom
Even if your site isn't live yet, you want it to look good. Custom background images, logos and color changes also apply to your Site Not Live page. And to keep your store looking good throughout the shopping experience, the Checkout to Amazon page also displays your customizations.

Translation Friendly
You already know that you can use the Fresh Store Builder template text files for translating to your language - so we made sure to keep our additional features ready for multiple languages. Tabs on the Homepage and Product Detail pages can be translated easily with template options, as well as the Related Products text. Translated your page and category names, and let Serenity take you global.

Ongoing Support
We're dedicated to keeping Serenity up-to-date with the latest and greatest changes in Fresh Store Builder, so don't worry - we're here to support you.

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